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Workshop on Climate Change at IIT Mandi

Updated: Jan 13

On the 18th of November 2023, over 80 students from 9th to 12th grade joined the insightful workshop on climate change and the Climate Clock organized by the Robotronics and Yantrik club at IIT Mandi, in collaboration with Prof. Chetan Solanki from IITBombay's Energy Swaraj Foundation. The event took place at IIT Mandi's North Campus.

This workshop aimed to empower students and educators with the skills to build a Climate Clock, a powerful visual representation of the urgency in addressing climate change. Participants not only assembled the clocks but also learned effective ways to raise awareness within their school communities.

Kudos to IIT Mandi's educators for this impactful initiative, fostering a deeper understanding of climate change. Together, we take a step closer to a sustainable future. #ClimateChangeAwareness #ClimateClock #IITMandiInitiative #SustainabilityEducation #ClimateAction #EnvironmentalAwareness

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