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RKIS Students Shine Bright as Navodaya Scholars

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that has brought immense pride and joy to the R.K. International School (RKIS) community. Our students, Shivanshi, Shivangi, Mukul Rawat, and Astha Thakur, have secured their places at Navodaya Schools, a remarkable achievement that showcases their dedication and academic excellence.

Shivanshi, Shivangi, and Mukul Rawat: Lighting Up the Path to Success Shivanshi, Shivangi, and Mukul Rawat, all set to join the 6th class at Navodaya School, have truly excelled in their academic journey. Their determination, hard work, and unwavering commitment have earned them a well-deserved spot at this prestigious institution. These talented young minds have consistently demonstrated their passion for learning and their eagerness to push their limits. As they embark on this new chapter at Navodaya School, we have no doubt that their enthusiasm and dedication will continue to shine brightly.

Astha Thakur: Scaling New Heights in the 11th Class Astha Thakur's selection for the 11th class at Navodaya School is a testament to her exceptional capabilities and academic prowess. Astha's journey at RKIS has been marked by her constant pursuit of excellence, and her achievement reflects the dedication she has invested in her studies. As Astha steps into the 11th class, we are confident that her determination, curiosity, and thirst for knowledge will continue to drive her towards even greater accomplishments.

Proud Moments and Laurels for RKIS The achievements of Shivanshi, Shivangi, Mukul Rawat, and Astha Thakur not only celebrate their individual successes but also reflect the commitment of the entire RKIS community. These students have not only made their families proud but have also brought laurels to our school. Their achievements stand as an inspiration to their peers and a testimony to the nurturing environment that RKIS provides. We extend our heartiest congratulations to these exceptional students and wish them every success in their future endeavors.

Nurturing Excellence at RKIS At R.K. International School, we believe in fostering a culture of excellence and supporting our students in realizing their dreams. The achievements of Shivanshi, Shivangi, Mukul Rawat, and Astha Thakur are a testament to this philosophy, and we are honored to have played a part in their educational journey. As they prepare to take the next steps in their educational pursuits, we remain committed to guiding and nurturing our students to become well

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