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Celebrating Brilliance: R.K. International School Nabahi Shines at SOF Olympiads 2022-23

We are thrilled to announce the outstanding results of R.K. International School Nabahi in the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) first-level examinations for NCO, IMO, NSO, IEO, IGKO, and ISSO for the session 2022-23. More than 300 students participated, and their dedication and hard work brought home numerous accolades.

**NCO (National Cyber Olympiad) Achievements:**

  1. Aradhya, Harshita, and Gauravi received Gift Vouchers along with Certificates of Zonal Excellence.

  2. Paridhi Katna secured the 3rd Zonal Rank and was awarded Rs. 200 cash, a Bronze Medal, and a Certificate of Zonal Excellence.

  3. Arshiya Rajpoot, Aarav Rajpoot, Aahana Sharma, Arnav Thakur, Arnav Sharma, Moksh Thakur, Samridh Vashistha, Swastika Guleria, Arnav Verma, Shaurya Thakur, Ritesh Sharma, Suryansh Rana, and Saksham Kumar received Certificates of Zonal Excellence.

**IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad) Achievements:**

  1. Rishab Yadav secured the 11th International Rank and 11th Zonal Rank, receiving a Gift Certificate and Certificate of Zonal Excellence.

**IEO (International English Olympiad) Achievements:**

  1. Advika Patiyal secured the 30th International Rank and 19th Zonal Rank, receiving a Certificate of Zonal Excellence.

**IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad) Achievements:**

  1. Aayush Kalia received a Gift Certificate and Certificate of Zonal Excellence.

**ISSO (International Social Studies Olympiad) Achievements:**

  1. Abhyuday Nais Sharma secured the 20th position,

  2. Shivanshi Thakur secured the 14th Zonal Rank, both receiving Certificates of Zonal Excellence.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners for their exemplary performance. Their dedication and commitment to excellence make us proud. A special thanks to our school principal, Mr. S.K. Sharma, for his constant support and encouragement. We wish all the winners continued success and good luck in their future endeavors!

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